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the Unique artwork of Caleb Jack of Dallas Texas. Caleb paintings and digital manipulated photography is groundbreaking. All available on Canvas or other materials if requested.

We would like to introduce you to the art of Caleb Jack, a promising artist on the rise in the Dallas Texas Area. GalaxyKinetic is the tool in which we hope to spread the word of Mr. Jack’s unique style to the world. If you would like more information including how to purchase his one of a kind masterpieces, please utilize the contact section of this website. Take a moment to browse the online galleries or if you would like to see some of his work in person, it can currently be viewed at Artisan's Collective Gallery of Dallas Texas.

Acquiring a Caleb Jack Creation
ImageInterested in Acquiring art from Caleb? 

If you are interested in purchasing Galaxy Kinetica Art, please message Caleb with information on which piece you are interested in. We will get back to you shortly with options and sizes available. Custom work is available and we do offer discounts on multiple orders.

Another option would be to visit the Artisan's Collective Gallery located in the Bishop's Art District of Dallas Texas.


Some the options include:Image
  • Museum Quality Canvas signed by Artist. Canvas pieces will only be produced once, so your getting a one of a kind.
  • Signed/Numbered Prints on FoamBoard.
  • Signed/Numbered Prints on Paper.
  • Custom Request Available.
  • Framing Available upon Request.


More Rooms Designed by Caleb (link)

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